Saturday, November 16, 2013
Hello to my dear Haus Maus readers. I hope that you are doing good! Today is Saturday and though it's a dreary day, I'm heading out soon to the farmers' market to meet my friends and then go do some shopping for the baby and to take some photos of our new apartment - so I can share them with all of you! But first, how are you? I hope you are doing well.

On the Move

I will be 30 weeks pregnant on Monday... Already! I cannot believe it. And we're in the process of moving upstairs two floors so we'll have a sunny apartment with an extra bedroom for the little one. I can't wait! The new hardwood floors in the bedrooms and back hallway are being installed currently and then, all of the walls in the apartment and ceilings, oh and doors, will be painted. It's going to be a very busy time. We hope to have all of the renovations finished by the end of November. Then, in December, we will install two new toilets, a vanity above the bathroom sink, our new kitchen and our 16 pendant lights - slowly, but surely. Once all of the lighting and cabinetry is in place, we can start moving up our personal belongings - though I won't be able to lift or do that much so I'm going to be more in charge in packing/unpacking and decorating.

I also have to start working on the window treatments since we'll need to cover the windows for privacy (in our bedroom, guest bedroom, baby's room and the front two rooms). The rest of the rooms can wait - we currently have only curtains in our bedroom and have lived without window coverings for the past 3 years just fine - but we know the bedrooms will soon need them with a baby coming and my mother traveling over to stay with us for a few months. The windows are all very odd-sized and we have high ceilings, so I most likely have to make curtains myself or have them made - and I'm guessing I'll have them made at this point because I want roman blinds in a few of the rooms and do not have the patience to bother making them - too complicated!

I've put together an Excel spreadsheet - I do have a background as a project manager - so the spreadsheet is keeping me on target. But oh my goodness, there is SO MUCH TO DO.

Does anyone happen to know of a good place in Hannover to have window treatments made (curtains, roman blinds, etc.?)

I wish each of you a beautiful weekend!

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Wednesday, October 30, 2013
Hello haus maus friends! Another thing on my list (well, Excel spreadsheet - yeah, I'm like that!), is that I need a Wickeltasche, or a diaper bag. But PLEASE, not the "Yummy Mummy" ones I've been seeing. I am looking for something stylish and understand without giraffe and bear motifs, please. I found this one, which is cute... Over at Boo Poo but it's out of stock.

 photo 999eb691-78f1-4a35-9d97-a56b967a863e.jpg

So ladies... Any other stylish Wickeltasche in Germany or in the EU/UK that ship here?

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Moms and moms-to-be in Germany, I need some help! Oh, please! Here are a few questions that I know some clever ladies out there can answer for me... So please chime in with your comments below!

 photo b326a5d0-fde5-459e-b6c5-cd1cdd1668c3.jpg
* Diapers - I need to know how diapers work in Germany. I mean, I know you can buy disposal ones, but what about the kind that are cloth, that I could have delivered and washed for me OR ones that are cloth that I can buy and wash. And HOW do you wash poopy diapers anyway, isn't this a little, well.... Um, unsanitary?

* Diaper disposal - Can someone suggest where I can dispose of diapers in Germany - is there a specific trash for them because they are plastic (if I go for the plastic disposal bio ones)?

* Diaper disposal units - When you toss a dirty diaper, where do you put it so that it doesn't smell up the house or bedroom? Where do parents generally keep dirty diapers?

* Car seat - Can someone suggest a car seat that I can easily find on Please!

* Favorite baby bio brands - Anyone want to tell me about their favorite baby brands that are biological? Detergent for clothing, body wash, soaps, shampoos, creams, etc.?

Thank you ladies! :)

(image: paul et paula - a new favorite blog!)
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Monday, October 28, 2013
The moment the pregnancy test was positive, I raced out and bought a second one. I simply couldn't believe it. When THAT test confirmed I was indeed with child, I immediately purchased a digital copy of the American pregnancy bible, "What To Expect When You're Expecting", and read it from cover to cover. I wanted to know everything. I frequented baby websites and forums. I became saturated with one horror story after another. Within a week, I was super burnt out and annoyed and realized that this is all a bunch of crap. Why was I doing this to myself? I deleted the book, stopped looking at forums and most websites (unless they were legit medical websites with actual doctors and nurses authoring their articles), and made an appointment with my Ob/gyn. By the 6th week of pregnancy, I not only saw the baby on the ultrasound but experienced the first sign of pregnancy.

I barfed.

A lot.

In fact, my vomit episodes became so frequent that the doctor ordered I get an IV since I was dehydrated. I lost 20 pounds during the first trimester. Twenty. Pounds. Yeah that was scary. At a time when you want your baby to be nourished, your body won't allow you to keep a single glass of water down for more than 5 minutes. It was terrifying but I kept my faith - I stayed out of forums and off of websites and decided to get a midwife. During our first appointment, I hired her right away because we clicked. She is very no-nonsense. The first thing she told me was, "Stay off the internet, text me instead." That was a good sign. We've been texting ever since. She suggested to up my dosage of magnesium. While it didn't help much in the beginning, after week 18 I stopped vomiting 4-5 x a day.

In fact, I stopped vomiting on a daily basis.

As long as I eat at certain times during the day, even now, I can avoid vomiting and extreme nausea. The moment I feel nausea coming on, I eat something small. During the first 18 weeks when I tried this, it did not work. Nothing worked. My friends told me to try ginger (didn't work), ginger chews (didn't work), sea bands (didn't work), the list went on and on, filled with loving and well-intended suggestions. In the end, only a higher dosage of magnesium helped and TIME. Time helped. And while I just vomited a few times again last week, it's nothing like weeks 6-18 when I was so sick that I couldn't move and was bedridden most of the summer. That sucked. A lot.

Today begins week 27. 

I'm in the final week of my second trimester. Week 28 is next week, and that begins the third and final trimester. I can't believe how far I've come and how healthy my baby boy is. He is growing, my belly has popped out, I am gaining weight at a normal pace and life is good for baby and I. I still weigh less than I did when I got pregnant, but that's fine - the baby is healthy and other than my iron being low (I just started taking supplements to help this), I'm good.

You must be asking... At what part of this am I not supposed to fear pregnancy? This part. I want non-moms out there and those who have delayed getting pregnant because of the drama you've heard about it, or due to something you've read, or your own mother's terrible pregnancy, or how your BFF had the worst pregnancy ever that...


What I have learned is that pregnancy is a VERY intimate and personal experience. No two pregnancies are alike. Here is a list of COMMON PREGNANCY WOES (some aren't so woeful though) that I've read in books and online (before I decided to stop reading this crap!) and even heard from my doctor that haven't happened to me yet. And if they do happen, I will update this post later on. 

1) Your boobs will get ginormous. I already have a very full C cup (I know, I'm lucky!), borderline D, but my boobs are the same size today as they were before. They feel a little fuller some days, but nothing that gives me Victoria's Secret Runway cleavage (without a bra and/or duct tape). I read that you will have the more glorious round boobs in the world when you get pregnant. I had them before, so maybe that's why (grin) but they didn't get bigger. Which was my fear. I didn't want massive boobs that would require a massive bra to put them in. Nope. I'm wearing the same bra today as I did when I got pregnant. I'm sure once my milk comes in, this will change a little, but some of my friends saw major boobage within the first 5 months. I'm nearing month 7 and for me, all is normal in boobland.

2) YOU will get enormous. For me, this hasn't been the case. Yeah, my belly has ballooned but that's to be expected. And yes, I did have extreme nausea for the first 18 weeks, but I've been able to eat normally for the past 8 weeks and the weight isn't piling on. The only weight I've gained is the weight of the placenta and baby and other "stuff" that I'm suddenly hosting in my body but certainly not from too much Ben & Jerry's.

3) Your feet will go up a shoe size. Again, not for me. My shoes still fit the same as they did before.

4) You will become a moody bitch. Not in my case. If anything, I'm more mellow and sweet. I am very zen. I sort of developed a, "I don't give a sh&t" attitude, which I hope sticks long after the baby arrives. It's nice to not care about stuff that before, I would become very passionate over. It's nice to finally have a clear head to be able to pick my battles. I've been very nice to my husband, I'm not irritable, nothing. I've been in a great mood for months, even during my nausea.

5) Your nails will grow fast and beautiful. No, not for me. My nails grow normally. Nothing great here. (Oh well.)

6) Your hair will be amazing. I thought that was happening but it seems my gorgeous locks during the first trimester were more due to my switch in hair product over baby hormones. The minute I changed product, my hair wasn't so interesting. It's growing at a normal rate, it doesn't feel thicker or more mane-like, it's still the same hair.

7) You will have acne or a ton of zits. Nope, my skin is fine. Again, no change there.

8) You will have a crazy "nesting" instinct. Nope. I still love to rearrange my furniture and decorate but nothing out of the norm. I still hate to clean the bathroom.

9) Your back will kill you. Nope. My back is fine. I've had no back pain and this is coming from a girl who suffered from it for years.

10) You will have frequent headaches and/or migraines. I've had one headache, ONE, since I got pregnant. I used to have a headache a few times a week! Getting pregnant took AWAY my headaches. I think this is mostly due to not drinking coffee or alcohol - I think coffee and frequent glasses of sekt were causing those...

11) You will be super constipated. Nope. Plumbing is fine.

12) You will have very vivid dreams. Again, nothing out of the ordinary. I was hoping for those amazing sex dreams my friends told me about, but again, nada.

13) You will have very specific food cravings. Nope, I crave nothing. No pickles or ice cream or crackers. Nothing.

14) Smells, like the smell of coffee, will make you nauseous. Nothing bothers me that didn't bother me before I got pregnant.

15) You will be SUPER hungry all of the time. Nope. I eat three normal-sized meals a day and maybe a piece of fruit for a snack.

16) You will gain a ton of water weight. I haven't retained any water weight. It's been great!

17) Watch out for hemorrhoids! No - I'm all set, none of those either!

18) You will be exhausted during the first trimester. YES. Oh yes, this one was true for me. For the first 18 weeks I was VERY tired and napping constantly throughout the day. I was a total sloth. I remembering feeling REALLY ANNOYED that I had to take a shower each day. Now I'm back to normal.

19) You will have a TON of energy during the 2nd trimester. Again, nope. I have normal energy as I did pre-baby. I was sort of hoping to become an action figure superhero but, nope. I thought it was starting to spike for a minute a few weeks ago, but that was just due to eating too many ginger chews.

20) You may get varicose veins. Nope, veins are fine.

So my dear friends... If you are thinking of becoming pregnant but have heard all of the horror stories out there, please understand that you are unique and your pregnancy will be unique to, so just go with the flow and let nature do its thing. Even during the darkest hours of my vomit fits, I was still HAPPY. And let me tell you, feeling happy and being positive got me through those times.

I don't know what the next 13 weeks will bring for me and my baby boy. Maybe I'll blow up and gain 100 pounds and not be able to walk and I'll have hemorrhoids the size of two basketballs with a set of boobs to match. Perhaps this could all go the opposite direction and I'll be bitching at my husband every second and ordering Chinese take-out 3 times a day to satisfy my voracious cravings for Fried Rice. But so far, so good.

I'll keep ya posted.


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Monday, October 21, 2013
Hello haus maus friends! I want to show you a quilt that I worked on (I began it awhile ago and just finished) and though I'd love to actually insert the batting, quilt the top and do the binding myself, I am happy to say that I'm outsourcing that to a lovely German lady who will have it ready for me by the end of December. I just don't have the time or patience to hand quilt this plus I don't even know how!

I'm so happy with my quilt though, it measures roughly 174 x 127 so it's a good size but not too big. And it's for my little boy! Now I will have a special quilt that I can lay on the floor or on top of our rugs so he can play and drool all over it as lays there thinking his happy baby boy thoughts. It is special to me that I made this and that I will give it to him as his welcome home present. I plan to wrap it up and give it to him when he arrives in January. I always wanted to give my child a present when they arrive - so in addition to a tour of our home where I'll explain to him where he is, what each room is used for, where mommy and daddy sleep, etc. I will give him this special quilt as his present and take photos of him laying on it so that when he's older, he can see himself so small and cute laying on his handmade blanket.

I already love my little boy. I feel him kicking inside of me right now as I write this and it makes me so happy. I finally understand what the "pregnancy glow" is all about. It comes from inside and radiates through your eyes. It's a beautiful feeling that I've never experienced before. As a journalist, I'm a person who loves to experience everything in life first hand. Being able to experience pregnancy has been the most rewarding thing I've done to date in addition to all of the beautiful countries I've visited, my friends, my sweet husband... This is so unique and definitely a beautiful time in my life.

Here is what the quilt looks like in case you are curious:

Sweet Handmade Quilt For My Baby Boy

Sweet Handmade Quilt For My Baby Boy

Sweet Handmade Quilt For My Baby Boy

Sweet Handmade Quilt For My Baby Boy

The blue leaf/bud fabric will be on the reverse side. All of the fabrics are American. I really love the colors, it's not too masculine and not too feminine, and I really like how vintage-y it looks. I also adore the paisley, bird, leaf and tiny floral patterns. I can't wait to show it to you next time when it's finished AND with my baby playing on top! :)

I hope you are all doing well. So tell me, do you quilt?


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Saturday, October 5, 2013
It's a rainy autumn day and I've just returned from shopping and lunch in the city. I've arranged a pretty bouquet of flowers, put on some candles and have a few new magazines to relax with but first, I thought to visit my friends here on haus maus. How are you doing? I hope that you are enjoying the early days of the new season and looking forward to all of the things that Autumn brings.

Autumn Thoughts

I had pumpkin risotto today with fresh rosemary and was reminded of just how special this time of year is and how much I miss home. The taste of pumpkin always brings me back home to New England where I spent my life as an adult before moving to Germany. Apple picking, strolling through pumpkin patches, enjoying hand-cut cider donuts, hay rides, sipping hot apple cider, Halloween decorations and candy, pumpkin soup, pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks (which is available over here too - a joy!) and pie - I really do miss pie! I only miss living in America in October, isn't that funny? It is a favorite month of mine that I always associate with crisp sunny days and delicious food, friends and cozy New England charm. In Germany it's notably a very rainy season and there are not a lot of seasonal delicacies here in the Fall outside of the typical beer and bratwurst at Oktoberfest which is sold all year long so it's nothing special.

Autumn Thoughts

I'm trying to find new things in Germany to love about Autumn and so far, I really love driving into the countryside to observe the sunflower fields that are fading, visit farm stands and take long walks in the nearby Lüneburger Heide - a place we went to just this past Wednesday and had a most lovely time. I also plan to start cooking more of "my foods" in October and November so that I feel a bit more at home because I need the diversity in my diet.

Autumn Thoughts

I miss the traditional thanksgiving turkey, it was always a very special time of year for me to enjoy a beautiful turkey dinner with stuffing and gravy, sweet potatoes and roasted veggies, pies and the many other delicious foods of Fall. It's interesting how much of our culture is based around food isn't it? And when we are not around those familiar foods anymore, how quickly we can feel isolated and even homesick for our old life. I don't feel homesick any other month of the year except for October - it's been this way now for the past four years that I've lived in Germany. I just ride the wave of this emotion and refuse to let it get me down but at the same time, I also don't do much to change it. I guess I'm a bit stuck.

Autumn Thoughts

I wonder if other expats living abroad often have these periods of feeling homesick? I don't always look for ways to overcome these feelings because I think it's healthy to just experience them without always trying to "fix" ourselves or numb ourselves. I don't mind feeling a bit melancholic about it. But I also wonder what I could do to make October special again as it used to be? If you are living far from home, do you have recurring periods each year where you wish you could fly home for a few days?

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Thursday, August 29, 2013
Hi friends! I like to occasionally post about things I find here in Germany that catch my eye so today I want to tell you about a few that my local expat friends may want to know about, too.

First, Hildesheim. Do you know it? It's a small city located just south of Hannover, about 25 minutes by car. It definitely isn't a place I'd ever suggest for vacationing - but the old part of the city, though tiny, is beautiful and they have a great Christmas market there each year.


For some completely unknown reason, Hildesheim has recently been getting all of the good shops.


(Some things I bought from HEMA in 2009 before they came to Hildesheim, this stuff was from their Amsterdam store.

Back in 2009, I wrote and tweeted that I wished HEMA, a wonderful Dutch shop, would open in Hannover. I wrote to the company and everything. I wrote again in 2010 and 2011. A few years later, last year, they opened in....


Same happened with Dunkin' Donuts. I love their iced coffee and okay, I do like their donut "holes" and really miss Boston Cremes now and then. But mostly Dunkin' Donuts tastes like Boston and "home" to me and when you're an expat the stuff you never expect to miss haunts you in your sleep. So I wrote to Dunkin' Donuts and tweeted about it and well, you get the picture, and BOOM! They just opened a few days ago their first shop in this entire state and it's where?


A third shop, Danish brand TIGER, is another great shop. I've never tweeted or emailed them or anything about opening here but when I found out they were coming to this part of Germany to open a store I immediately imagined Hannover! Yay! Nope. They opened up shop in...


Are you seeing a pattern? Yeah, me too.

So what's up Hannover? Why are these GREAT stores that would thrive in Hannover all going to Hildesheim? For any lovely Hildesheimers reading this blog post, I'm sorry... But you must also wonder right, I mean you must get my point? We have so many young people and universities here where shops like Hema and Tiger would be soooo much appreciated by these students.

Well the good thing is this: Hildesheim is close enough for me to get there by car or train so I can go to Dunkin' Donuts, Tiger or Hema whenever I please. The last time I was at Hema though was last December because honestly, "out of sight out of mind". I do all of my shopping either in Hannover, London or on Amazon/online these days. But if Hema and Tiger were in Hannover I would go constantly. It's a convenience thing, right?

So there you have it, my friends - three shops to visit if you are local, don't mind driving and want to find really great stuff... And okay, some donuts to munch on too. Enjoy!

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Saturday, August 24, 2013
I have a Hebamme! A what? For non-German speakers out there, a Hebamme is what Americans will know by the term Midwife. I feel like shouting this very good news from the rooftops today because I'm feeling so happy and lucky to have found one - a great one - on the first try. So here's how it all began.

I Have a Hebamme!

First. I have an ob/gyn that I don't like. At all. She was fine for the basic pap smear and bi-annual visits, but now that I'm pregnant she's just not "there" for me. As a result, I've spent the first 17 weeks of my pregnancy online googling stuff WHICH IS NEVER A GOOD IDEA. The internet is full of people who are not qualified to give medical advice who give medical advice like they are experts. Most expectant moms in forums are drama queens and scare the HELL out of you with every ache and pain meaning something traumatic and life-threatening. The web is loaded with horror stories about pregnancy, birth and beyond. I'm sure a few safe harbors exist, but I'm not interested in communicating with total strangers when I'm seeking medical advice.

Ok. So the one positive thing my doctor did was when she recently gave me a pamphlet listing local hebammes. I didn't know what that word even meant - she didn't bother explaining - so I went home and of course, GOOGLED it (like I did everything else pregnancy-related until now). I quickly learned about the German midwifery programs that exist here and how my insurance covers it 100% and that I need to find one ASAP. So I did more digging around and found a lady who is my age and who studied in Germany (she's German) but also London and did some of her midwifery training there in a London hospital. She lives in Hannover now and speaks fluent English and German - SCORE! Because honestly, no matter how much German I learn, I want this whole pregnancy process to be explained to me in English so I don't miss anything.

After finding her, I sent a quick intro email and within a few weeks, we chatted back and forth and I booked a coffee date with her and my husband at a local cafe yesterday. A few minutes into our conversation, I KNEW she was the person I wanted to work with. Really straight to the point, non-emotional but still warm and sweet, very professional and absolutely the type of woman that I want exploring this intimate journey with me. After all, the person who will introduce me to breast feeding and answer vagina questions (ha ha) needs to be someone that I feel comfortable with!

I "hired" her on the spot and she willingly accepted. It was a beautiful moment to not only like her but know that she also liked me. She stamped my "mutterpass" and she will now work with my insurance company - I don't have to pay her, the insurance company handles everything. What a relief! I've decided that I will still go to my monthly checkups with the ob/gyn because she does blood work, measuring, ultrasounds, etc. but my hebamme will be my wingman. And boy, did I need a wingman with my mother-in-law speaking mostly German and my mother living so far away in Boston and NONE of my friends are pregnant (or have been recently)....

She also makes me laugh - and that's more than my ob/gyn does. She told me STAY OFF THE INTERNET when I told her that I google stuff about pregnancy. She will be my new google. I feel relieved already.

The way it will work is that she'll come to my home (yes!) and check up on me as we book appointments - so she'll come between now and the time I deliver. Then, when I deliver (she doesn't deliver babies after this month), she will step in the moment I get home and she will come to my house (yes!) EVERY DAY for the first 10 days to help me with breastfeeding, baby care and questions, etc. How thrilled am I!? Very. THEN, after those 10 days, she can come (fully paid by the insurance) for up to 16 more visits during the first 6 months or so as needed. She also said that starting now, I can call, text or email her with questions anytime. How comforting!

I also found out through her that my insurance also covers classes that you can take to learn about baby care and fitness/exercise classes after I deliver. My plan covers my hospital stay with the baby and even my husband can stay overnight if we elect to get a private room - for a full 14 days. I mean, seriously? Now I know why people tell me that having a baby in Germany is the best. With a program like this, how can you complain?

So that's my hebamme story. I'll tell you more as time goes by but for now - I'm just so happy to have a co-pilot in all of this. I feel so incredibly happy and lucky since meeting her. I really needed someone to talk to AND NOT mommy forums and pregnancy websites!

Are you pregnant in Germany? Are you using a hebamme too? What has been your experience?


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Tuesday, August 20, 2013
Hello friends! So I think haus maus is going to turn into the baby maus blog for awhile. Or I guess you can say a more family-oriented expat blog. Which I'm happy to do because I was getting really bored here, barely posting, and didn't feel at all inspired to write. Now that I have a baby coming, I feel NOTHING BUT inspired to write on haus maus because this is the stuff I don't want to share on decor8. decor8 is focused on decorating and creativity and the last thing I want for it to become is a mommy blog because that's not the direction I'm looking to go in career-wise. So haus maus is officially a blog about me, my husband, our expat life AND now... having a baby (and raising one) in Germany. How's that?!

photo: vogue magazine 

Okay so let's see... Where to begin. I will start by just answering some questions that have been arriving in my inbox and over on Facebook lately.

How far along am I?
Today is August 20 and I'm at week 17 of my pregnancy.

How do you feel? 
I feel so good - I am not 100% Holly yet but I'm definitely moving around, eating light, exercising regularly and seeing my friends and going out every few days.

I heard you were really sick, what happened? 
I was on bed rest from weeks 6-16 and lost 20 lbs (12 kilos), so yes, I was sick! But I didn't have standard morning sickness... It was extreme. I was dehydrated, in and out of the doctor's office and absolutely useless for 10 weeks - couldn't eat, clean, do laundry, cook... Nothing. I was in bed exhausted, throwing up every second and unable to do anything at all - I couldn't even work on my laptop or computer because sitting upright made me so incredibly ill. What I went through was debilitating - though I wasn't depressed AT ALL which shocked me because everyone said that depression is common during the first trimester if you get really ill. So that is the good part.

How did you manage your home and career?
Thank goodness my husband is such a champ and was there for me each day running errands and managing our home. It also happened when our house cleaner took her summer vacation back to Poland so for 10 weeks we had no cleaning help. In fact, she came back today for the first time since June. When the doorbell rang, I hugged her and wanted to kiss her feet. It was the happiest moment to see her face and have that domestic help again after watching my husband maintain everything for 10 weeks straight. As for my career, I had about 1 hour each day when I could sit up and move. So I would take that hour to shower, turn on my computer and blog one post, read some emails and then quickly head straight back to bed.

Do you like being pregnant?
Now that I'm back to normalcy again, YES I love it! I can actually ENJOY being pregnant for the moment. And I can talk about being pregnant in Germany as an expat and all of the ups and downs in addition to my nursery decorating ideas and the products I may need your help with here on haus maus so I hope you are in for the wild ride. :)

Are you having a boy or a girl? Do you have a preference?
We will find out in September - the moment we know I'm going to post about it on decor8! I don't have a preference either way - I just want to have a healthy baby - to me, that's the greatest blessing. Gender isn't important to me at all. On one side I'd LOVE a baby boy because it will get me into colors and styles and "things" that I haven't explored yet. It will also help me to learn more about boys and behavior and things I'm curious to know that I already know about with girls. On the other side, having a girl would be more affordable because all of my craft things and lots of my decorating stuff could be used much better by a girl than a boy. I also think with a girl, I could really go all out with dressing her up and I have so many dolls and things I've collected over the years that I would love to pass onto a daughter. Also with a girl, she could wear the first dress home from the hospital that I wore at birth - a creamy yellow dress that I still have and cherish. But again, either way I will be completely IN LOVE with my child regardless of gender.

How are YOU doing? Anyone out there pregnant, planning to get pregnant or who just had a baby? I'd love to know!


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Monday, August 5, 2013
If you aren't a regular over at decor8, you may not have heard the news, but this haus maus is having a baby maus! Yes, I'm 15 weeks pregnant and we are due in January. I'm so excited and I'm already anticipating the meeting of my little one though I still have many months of waiting until that special day. We won't know the sex until a few more weeks, I think maybe week 17 or 20, depending on when I get another ultrasound -- but I'm in no hurry. I just want a happy, healthy child - gender makes no difference to me. I am thrilled either way.


Whenever I open my purse lately and my Mutterpass appears, I feel so warm and happy inside. I always smile and often open it just to flip through the pages and look at the ultrasound photos and enjoy that feeling of joy that washes over me each time. If you aren't German, you may not know what a Mutterpass is. I didn't until I was pregnant! We don't get these in America (too bad) but here they are given to all pregnant ladies and you should always carry it on you. It records all of your pregnancy details (height, weight, blood type and other vitals) as well as doctor information, appointments and everything from blood test results (since you are constantly going to the ob/gyn) to labor information when the big day arrives.

It's such a wonderful and clever little laminated booklet to always have on you - it's a5 size and around 32 pages, but still lightweight and easy to tote around. Plus, if you are even in need of quick help or encounter a medical emergency, having the Mutterpass on you is absolutely vital. I also love that I always have my medicial informaion on ME and not housed in some doctor's office or hospital - after all, it is my body, I have the right to having all of the most current information about me and my baby at my fingertips.

The Mutterpass is wonderful!

Now if I can just get through this Hyperemesis Gravidarum!

(image: holly becker)

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