Tuesday, February 12, 2013
I posted a little DIY on decor8 today, did you see it? Here's a link and below is a subtle hint to lure you over...

snapshots with new lens

If you live in Germany and want to find washi tape, check out TAPE FACTORY! It's insane - in a good way - totally amazing selection of MT tape and I don't mean a few designs, I'm talking a million billion AND they are based IN Germany so you don't have to pay crazy VAT and import tax and deal with the lovely people at the Zollamt! Yay! (image: holly becker)
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5 lovely comments:

Juliette said...

Love your new blog design!

This is perhaps the opposite of most readers' requests, but please keep posting links to where you're shopping online here in Germany (and Europe, but you're so right about VAT and Zollamt!). I love the links on the side of this blog, but I also love to hear where people have had good experience with new/other online German retailers.

I hate to say it, but many German retail websites look so dated in their design that I wonder how dated their online shopping security is. That said, I've recently experienced payment weirdness via a site that looks very modern and was from a legit international company! It pays to be careful and watch your own accounts, of course, but it's always nice to have a referral to give that extra nudge of confidence.

Love that tape DIY btw; I was just thinking about jazzing up some of my own frames somehow.

Allison said...

If you're in the Netherlands, de Vlieger in Amsterdam has a decent selection of washi tape.

Sarah Stäbler said...

Oh my. That picture of all that washi tape is making me drool. I want it all. Thanks for the link! I've been trying to find new sources for my addiction. :)

Holly Becker said...

Juliette I agree totally with the whole shopping online in Germany thing - stuck in the 80s right!??! It's crazy to me how many people don't even accept Paypal and still do these wire transfers - it's like writing checks in the states you know - a bit prehistoric. I once bought things on DaWanda but with most of the sellers in Germany only doing wire transfers and not accepting Paypal, I gave up completely and rarely buy handmade here unless I'm at a fair paying in cash.
And YES on your request to post places IN Germany where I shop - I will certainly do that more often going forward because you're right, it is helpful!

Juliette said...

Amen and thank you!

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