Wednesday, July 31, 2013
Hello friends! I hope that you are doing well and enjoying summer so far. We've had a beautiful season here in Hannover and today begins three weeks of Maschseefest! It's a big party in downtown Hannover near the new town hall that is pretty much non-stop, day and night, for 21 days set around a glistening man made "see" or "sea" but as we Americans would say, "big lake".

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I love the maschsee and enjoy it year round but especially during fest time because it's brimming with live concerts, djs, clubs for dancing, clubs for lounging, restaurants you can sit down and dine in, others you can grab a bite and keep walking, cocktail huts, pubs... It's wonderful. Last year I spent a lot of time there with many of my friends and vowed this year to go more because it's such a great environment. So festive!

Everything else in my life is going really well. I have some organizing and decorating to do this Fall in my guest bedroom and living room, okay and also my work area, so stay tuned because I'll share all of that here on Haus Maus and keep my blog doors open a little longer over here and take this blog into the new year.

Are you enjoying your summer so far? What are you doing? If you are local (or can be), come to Hannover for Maschseefest, it's the BEST.


(photo by holly becker for haus maus)

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6 lovely comments:

Amelie said...

Thanks Holly for your posts on Hannover.

I moved here with my husband a couple of months before. Haus Maus really gives me "positive feedbacks" about the city and helps me in the transition.

Please keep on sharing your good ideas and places to go !

all the best to you from a French girl !

ibb said...

Summer is being a bit strange here. I spend time looking for a job, so I cannot enjoy as I would love...but try to enjoy the time...little pleasures...
Next Sunday fest start here too...a bit different, more similar to San Fermines in Pamplona, but without bulls.
Thansk for keeping place a bit more.

noomiy said...

Yeah! I enjoy Summer but at the same time I miss (a little bit) Autumn. Cardigans etc.

Béa said...

Same feeling here, thanks for writing another post here!

Anonymous said...

i might pop over from schleswig holstein to see maschseefesitval. is it also good for kids?


Liset said...

Nice blog! Keep up the good work :)

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